An alligator with an orange water wing on its butt and a rubber tail. This marvel of science is given to us by the Phoenix Herpetological Society, because apparently everyone in Florida was taking the week off from doing insane things.

Mr. Stubbs is a 7-foot-long alligator who lost his tail at an early age. His prosthetic is made from rubber, and molded from an alligator cadaver of roughly the same size. The tail was dissected to be mass- and weight-proportional—so there's some actual science here—and attached by nylon straps. And it's actually made Mr. Stubbs even clumsier.


The 11-year-old alligator learned to swim in a local pool, getting around by doggy paddling. His new tail will ultimately be a benefit (we think!), but until then, the Herpetological Society had the prescience to stick the water wing on his behind. Which is, of course, just about perfect. [AZCentral via Fark]