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Army of Cardboard Mark Zuckerbergs Mock Facebook CEO from Capitol Lawn

Illustration for article titled Army of Cardboard Mark Zuckerbergsem/em Mock Facebook CEO from Capitol Lawnem/em
Photo: Avaaz

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg will testify before the Senate Judiciary and Commerce committees this afternoon to address the company’s privacy scandals. But before the palpably (and deservedly) uncomfortable billionaire stands before Capitol Hill, an army of Zuckerberg cutouts blew gently in the wind on the Capitol lawn.


The cutouts, of which there are apparently 100, show Zuck in a “Fix Facebook” t-shirt. Avaaz, an advocacy group, deployed the Zuck swarm on Tuesday morning to call on the company to, as the shirts say, fix Facebook. The group’s ominous lawn army is part of its campaign to fight misinformation.


Avaaz said in a press release that it consulted with regulators, experts, and social media execs to come up with four steps the social network should adopt soon, especially ahead of upcoming elections. It wants the company to ban all of the fake accounts on the platform, inform and educate users each time they view misinformation, invest in human fact-checkers around the world, and provide increased transparency and independent audits around fake news.

“Crucial elections are just months away,” Avaaz wrote in an open letter to Zuckerberg, internet CEOs, and regulators. At the time of writing this, it has 891,968 of its one million needed signatures. “Facebook’s motto used to be Move Fast and Break Things. Now you need to Move Fast and Fix Things.”

Zuckerberg released his written testimony for Congress on Monday ahead of the hearing. In it, he apologizes and assumes responsibility for the screwups when it comes to “fake news, foreign election interference in elections, and hate speech, as well as developers and data privacy.” But it’s clear, given the one hundred cardboard Zuck troops on the South East Lawn of the Capitol, that regretful acknowledgment isn’t enough. People are still waiting to see more meaningful change.

Illustration for article titled Army of Cardboard Mark Zuckerbergsem/em Mock Facebook CEO from Capitol Lawnem/em
Photo: Avaaz

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Lol what a waste of time.

Zuckerberg is one of the richest people on the planet, and is set for generations to come. He doesn’t care what you think as long as you’re still using the service, and most of you (statistically) are.

Protest by closing your account. Literally nothing else matters. He has money in the pockets of the large majority of the politicians “questioning” him today. This dog and pony show is a joke to him and to the politicians.