Arrow And Flash Recruit A New Team In This Legends Of Tomorrow Trailer

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We only just got our first proper look at The CW’s Arrow/The Flash spinoff show, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow this morning — but now you can see them in action, as Barry Allen and Oliver Queen bring together an unlikely group of heroes to deal with a legendary villain.

The trailer uses a lot of footage from Arrow and The Flash to set up the premise of Oliver and Barry seeking out a new hero to take on the immortal DC supervillain Vandal Savage, but there’s some new glimpses of characters in action — Hawkgirl’s wings as she takes flight, and seeming confirmation that Caity Lotz’s White Canary is in fact a Lazarus-Pit-resurrected version of Sara Lance.


But even among the explosions and superpowered hijinks, it’s Doctor Who’s Arthur Darvill, playing time-travelling member of the Time Masters Rip Hunter, who gets the best line:

Rip Hunter. I’m from East London... oh, and THE FUTURE.

Note also that Darvill is wearing a version of the Tenth Doctor’s coat:


Oh, this is going to be a lot of fun — and a whole heap of comic book craziness.

DC’s Legends of Tomorrows will début on The CW next year.