Art Lebedev Plans "Popularis" Optimus Keyboard Priced Under $1000

Illustration for article titled Art Lebedev Plans Popularis Optimus Keyboard Priced Under $1000

Art Lebedev has unveiled plans for a new addition to the Optimus keyboard family with a keyboard dubbed the "Optimus Popularis." Details are scarce as the device is only a mock-up at this point—but we do know that it will be shorter than the Maximus, and it it will not use OLED screens to save cash. Instead it will be based on a "totally different principle" (ooh, mystery principle!). Naturally, no release date has been unveiled, but look for it to retail under $1000. [LiveJournal]

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Like the world needs another keyboard... what we need is a better interface to the machine.

Where is my bluetooth "thinkboard?"