Ash Is a 16-Bit RPG Time Machine on Your iPhone

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The graphics your iPhone can pull off are mighty impressive these days—but what about you gaming purists? Rather than dust off your SNES and give a Back in my day, whippersnapper speech, check out ultra-traditional iOS RPG Ash.

Ash deals with your typical golden age RPG tropes—a fallen kingdom, a hero up against the odds, etc—but in 2010, these stale old cliches are kind of endearing, right? And if you can look past the (intentional) antiquity, you'll probably find that old school 2D RPG stuff is just as fun now as it was decades ago. Ash's developer, SRRN Games, claims a minimum 15 hours of gameplay as you navigate towns, tap through dialogue, and battle dragons and such. Again—this is well-tread ground, but by the look (and sound) of it, considerable love has been put into this $5 portable tribute to classic gaming. [iTunes]