Ask All Your Questions About Synthetic Biology!

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What does it mean to design using living materials? Alexandra Daisy Ginsberg and Christina Agapakis will be here to answer your questions about synthetic biology and just what it might mean for the future.


Top image: The Synthetic Kingdom: Carbon Monoxide Detecting Lung Tumour / Daisy Ginsberg, 2009. Photo Carole Suety.

Ginsberg is a designer, artist and writer, and was the lead author for the book Synthetic Aesthetics: Investigating Synthetic Biology's Designs on Nature. The book includes the project that Ginsberg also curated, a collaboration between synthetic biologists, engineers, artists, and designers looking at everything from biological computers to algae that can feed on circuit boards.

Agapakis is a biologist and writer with a Ph.D. in synthetic biology from Harvard. She teaches in the department of Media Design Practices at Art Center and her research covers the intersection of the science, art, and technology of living things.

They'll both be joining us from 11:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. today to answer our questions about synthetic biology, how it's working now, how we might see it work in the future, and the process of designing nature.


Annalee Newitz

I'm really curious about how you think we'll be incorporating synthetic biology into our cities and homes. What are likely to be the first applications that we'll see in our built environment?