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'ASMR Entire Bee Movie' Is the Definitive Reading of Jerry Seinfeld's Masterpiece

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

In the years since its 2007 release, almost every facet of Bee Movie has been embraced the internet’s meme community. In recent months, we’ve seen Jerry Seinfeld’s interspecies rom-com reordered alphabetically and sped up to incomprehension—even recut to exclude bees entirely.


But while the script of Bee Movie has found its way onto a 9,476-word novelty t-shirt, the pure poetry of Seinfeld’s magnum opus has never been properly appreciated it. Until now.

Alternating from side of the sound field to the other, brain-tingling YouTube user Maple ASMR whispers the entire Bee Movie screenplay from front to back in a new video, a task that takes just over an hour to complete.


“According to all known laws of aviation,” she coos, “there is no way a bee should be able to fly.”

While not strictly accurate, those words first spoken onscreen almost a decade ago continue to hold their own truth. By any objective measure, Bee Movie’s wings were too small, its little body too fat. Yet there it goes, flying anyway, doing what humans think is impossible because bees don’t care.