Assault the Lego Wedding Castle, Save the Princess, Save the World

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Showing again that Lego dorks can be loved to the point of marriage, reader Clint Cox has sent his cool Lego wedding cake, in which a heroic Lego minifig assaults the castle to rescue the princess from the eeeveel dragon:

Wanted to share this… I am an avid (daily) Gizmodo reader (commenter GarouDiams).

I have played with Legos since I was a little kid. When my wife gave me free reign over my groom's cake, I knew what I wanted… A Lego castle cake. I still have the manuals and the pieces for the Kings Castle (6080) and Knight's Castle (6073). I recently got the new King's Castle Siege (7094), which set the mental gears turning. After a trip to the Lego store in Houston to pick up some individual bricks, I turned over some of my pieces and a sketch of what I wanted: a tiered chocolate cake with chocolate / vanilla icing and an epic battle for the life of an ill-fated bride.

The cake was make from scratch by a friend of the family.

I'm a little disappointed it's not the classic Lego Yellow Castle, but congratulations to both of you, Clint. Photography by Whitney Lee Photography of Austin, TX


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If I didn't take a vow of bachelorhood at that Buddhist monk temple off of the New Jersey Turnpike, I'd probably have something like this crafted for my wedding, except maybe Star Wars LEGO themed instead of castle......(ok maybe with Dwarves vs. Trolls or something). #legocastle