Showing again that Lego dorks can be loved to the point of marriage, reader Clint Cox has sent his cool Lego wedding cake, in which a heroic Lego minifig assaults the castle to rescue the princess from the eeeveel dragon:

Wanted to share this… I am an avid (daily) Gizmodo reader (commenter GarouDiams).

I have played with Legos since I was a little kid. When my wife gave me free reign over my groom's cake, I knew what I wanted… A Lego castle cake. I still have the manuals and the pieces for the Kings Castle (6080) and Knight's Castle (6073). I recently got the new King's Castle Siege (7094), which set the mental gears turning. After a trip to the Lego store in Houston to pick up some individual bricks, I turned over some of my pieces and a sketch of what I wanted: a tiered chocolate cake with chocolate / vanilla icing and an epic battle for the life of an ill-fated bride.

The cake was make from scratch by a friend of the family.

I'm a little disappointed it's not the classic Lego Yellow Castle, but congratulations to both of you, Clint. Photography by Whitney Lee Photography of Austin, TX