Astronaut Tweets Stunning Images of Earth From Orbit

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The astronauts on the ISS sent their first tweet from space just a short time ago. Now they've upped their game, using Twitpic to send us breathtaking shots of significant locations all around the world.


That picture up top? Mount Fuji, in Japan. These pictures here? See if you can guess:

The astronauts are encouraged to photograph and tweet anything that strikes them as interesting, and I'd say Flight Engineer Soichi Noguchi is off to a great start. There are plenty more images of our magnificent orb already posted at his Twitpic account—including a look at Port au Prince just a few weeks after the earthquake—and it looks like he's going to continue updating regularly.


Pictured in gallery: Tokyo, Hawaii, Mount Kilimanjaro, Golden Gate Bridge [Twitpic via Mashable]

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Proof that Twitter is not worthless, just very very easy to abuse.