What's with bloggers and anger management issues? First Kotaku's Crecente smashes the wall with his fist while installing Windows, now Consumerist's Popken smashes his cellphone with his fist while being retarded. Good thing the Poppers had Asurion, which took his claim even when confessed to manually smashing the phone in anger.


So yes, Ben got a new phone with just at $50 deductible and a trip down to the Verizon store. We've usually skimped on cellphone insurance—mostly because we get our phones unlocked from overseas—but how about readers? Has your Asurion experience been as good, or are you one of the victims we hear about that warns us that it's easier NOT to buy insurance and spare yourself the headache?

Cellphone Insurance Works Even If You Smash Your Cell In Retaded Anger [Consumerist]