Asus B51 Business Laptop is Ruggedized for Xtreme Work

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Asus is jumping on the bandwagon led by Panasonic and HP and releasing the B51, a super strong ruggedized laptop. The B51 is Mil-Spec 810F tough, can survive three-foot drops and has a keyboard drainage system in case you can't keep your OJ in a glass. The heavy (7-lb.!) lappie runs Vista, has a Core 2 Duo processor, supports 4GB RAM, carries a HDD up to 320GB and has optional 1.3MP webcam and Bluetooth. Screen size, availability and pricing are still unknown—hey, what do you expect from Asus?—but the press release is after the jump. [Asus via Laptoping]


A Ruggedized Computing Solution for Mobile Professionals

ASUS B51E combines computing prowess with tough build to serve in the rough fields

Taipei, Taiwan, July 2, 2008 – Professionals who frequently find themselves on the road or in the field need a computer that can withstand the rigors of travel as well as operate reliably despite harsh environmental conditions. It is for this group of demanding users that ASUS has created the B51 notebook, which possesses ruggedized design and is built for excellent performance and reliability.

Ruggedized Notebook for Tough Environments

The B51 is built to endure harsh treatment. Starting with a lightweight yet strong magnesium alloy chassis that offers excellent protection for its components, the B51 is additionally buffered against shock by rubber bumpers along its edges, and high strength protective film to shield the notebook from scratches.

Built to Withstand Drops, Shocks, Spills and Scratches

The sum effect of the B51's ruggedized design is an exceptionally hardy notebook able to withstand most abuses that will damage conventional notebooks. The B51 is drop tested to military specifications (MIL 810F Method 516.5 Procedure IV), able to withstand drops from tabletop height – up to 75 cm.

Preserving the integrity of the data within, the B51's hard drive is floated on a sponge protection system, while the keyboard as a drainage path integrated into its design, so that the B51 is able to weather the occasional shocks and spills (up to 120cc) and continue to function reliably. Even while the insides are protected against rough use, the LCD screen of the B51 is also well protected from scratches by a high strength film, for a truly hard wearing notebook, inside and out.

By addressing the various areas of durability and usability, ASUS has created in the B51 an ideal mobile computing solution for professionals who routinely operate in tough, demanding environments.

Intel® Centrino Procesor Technology

-Intel® Core™2 Duo Processor T8300/T8100/T5850/T5750

-Mobile Intel® GM965 Chipset, Intel Int. GMA X3100 Gfx

-Intel® PRO/Wireless 3945ABG/4965ABGN Network Connection

Genuine Windows® Vista Business

RAM DDR2 667MHz, up to 4GB (2 slots)

SATA HDD up to 320GB & ODD S-Multi

Built-in webcam 1.3M pixel (Optional); Bluetooth 2.0+ EDR (Optional)

36.5cm (W) x 27.3cm (D) x 3.82 cm (H), 3.1KG (with 8 cell battery)



Has anyone ever had a bad experience with an Asus laptop? About 8 years ago, when I was having my computer built by these Chinese guys at a computer show, they were set on Asus being the best components... And I look at the laptops on New Egg, and they seem to be the cheapest computers with the best specs... do they still use their own proprietary components?