Asus Eee Crystal Case Actually Made of Plastic (But Still Good)

Asus Eee fandom has no bounds, and while replacing the case on most laptops seems preposterous, for the Eee it's just another day of tiny typing and eye strain at the office. This Crystal Case by Proporta is constructed of scratch/shock resistant polycarbonate, but maybe more impressively, features a double hinge that adds 360 degrees of screen rotation to the Eee (perfect for the touchscreen-modded system). Personally, I could use about another 15 degrees of tilt on my Macbook Pro—not for my own use, but for every time a friend checks their email and attempts to push the screen beyond its natural bounds. Ooh, I get shivers just thinking about it. [Product via BBGadgets]

UPDATE: Yes, it looks like a case protector rather than no touchscreen fun.


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