Asus Eee PC Tech Support Seems Kind of Lousy

Everyone seems to love the EeePC's tiny body, but their tech support seems kind of lousy. Reader John purchased one, but couldn't get it to work with his 2Wire router. When calling Asus support, he found out that not only does the Eee not work with 2Wire routers right now, but they don't even have one to test it with. Wha?

I have had a Eeepc for less than a week. I have never been able to connect to the Internet wirelessly. The dreaded "pending" problem. I decided to call technical support. The tech asked what router I had. I replied "two wire". He says "oh, I have never been able to make one work with two wire." "It's a known issue. We are working on it but DON'T HAVE A TWO WIRE ROUTER TO TEST IT WITH." He continued "I got a friend in the valley who has a two wire router, ive been meaning to go see him and test it out. But he lives pretty far away." Now here I am, having spent $348 on a nice little computer that can only work when hardwired to the router. I already have a computer hardwired, I don't need a tiny little one hardwired. So I ask the tech "what am I supposed to do with this computer? Should I send it back?" He responds "yeah I guess you could do that." I know customer service is bad all around but a big company like Asus doesn't have a router from a larger manufacturer to test their equipment on? Give me a break, you sent out a computer that has not been tested on a commonly used router? I love the machine, but its useless if it doesn't work!!!!!!!!! Asus, get your act together, my goodness!!!!!!!!!


Any readers able to get it working with 2Wire? Seems pretty strange that any laptop wouldn't work with a router, seeing as, you know, they follow a standard. [Thanks John!]

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