Illustration for article titled Asus Eee Touchscreen All-in-One Pops Up for Pre-Order, Looks Vaguely Apple-y

The many, many promises that Asus would release a touchscreen Eee by the end of this year have been fulfilled—by pasting an Eee sticker on a touchscreen all-in-one (also promised, though not with touchiness). This all-in-one touchscreen Eee, which you can pre-order in the UK for £399.99, is pretty hobbled: 1.6GHz Intel Atom processor, 1GB RAM, 160GB hard drive and 15-inch screen running Windows XP. I can only imagine how atrocious the touch experience is, but we'll find out on Nov. 20, or thereabouts, according to Play. And it only kinda apes the old-school iMac aesthetic. Update: It'll be called the Eee Top and it'll hit the US for just $450, which sounds like a deal. [Play via Engadget]


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