We heard an updated EeeBox was coming, and now what could be a killer entertainment PC is up on Asus USA's site. The EB1012 packs an Atom N330 processor, 250GB hard disk, 2GB RAM, Gigabit Ethernet, and 802.11n Wi-Fi.


Like the first EeeBox PC, the EB1012 is super compact (222mm x 178mm x26.9mm), and Asus claims its Nvidia MCP7A Ion graphics and HDMI output will allow full 1080p playback.

Also useful: a 5.1 S/PDIF audio connection, built-in multi-card reader (including SDHC), plus 4 USB slots, and one single eSATA port to connect your external hard drive.

It'll be available in black or white, but Asus hasn't listed any pricing or release details yet. Can't be too long now, though…[Asus via Engadget]

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