Asus F6 Comes With Webcam, 13-inch Screen, Eau de Asus

Illustration for article titled Asus F6 Comes With Webcam, 13-inch Screen, Eau de Asus

Looks like Asus is sniffing out the next big thing now that it's found heaps of success with its EeePC concept, and has decided that what the world really needs is a notebook that can function both as a mid-range computer and an Air Wick. The Asus F6 boasts a 13.3 inch screen, an integrated webcam, an Intel Core2 Duo processor, up to 4GB of DRAM support, up to 320GB of HD space and comes in four scents – Floral Blossom, Musky Black, Morning Dew and Aqua Ocean. Asus doesn't say how long the fragrance is supposed to last, or whether you can reapply it. But for a couple of days at least, when the patrons of your local coffee shop wrinkle up their noses and ask "What's that smell?" you can proudly say "Me." [Asus via Far East Gizmos]


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Just what I always wanted! When you're sitting in a badly vented room along with 3 guys and 2 girls, each of which is using a different cologne and/or perfume, I'll pack a laptop with another sickly sweet, retch-inducing scent that could equally well be described as gently rotting squirrel or slightly overdue Austrian desert dish.