Asus Has Seen the Future, and It Is Called "Waveface"

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What would CES be without a few absurd concepts from Asus? This year's concepts are unabashedly futuristic, united only by their penchant for touch and gesture controls, and a terrible name: Waveface. Let's have a look at it:

There's a notebook, which folds flat! A TV, which you control with your hands! A watch, which is made entire of display material! It's more or less the kind of stuff you'd expect to find in a fourth-year industrial design student's portfolio, except with the backing of a company worth billions of dollars


The Waveface moniker was not explained, which is probably for the best. Waveface. It "may take around five years. It's possible."

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I'm not onboard with the whole 'waving hands to do things with the TV' idea. I'm just saying, I gesticulate a lot and it'd probably piss me the hell off.