Asus N10, An Eee with Some Oomph

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While Asus has gone a little Netbook-nuts, their recently leaked N10 is actually a promising revision on the genre dominated by clones. The 1.6Ghz Atom, 10.2" screen and 2GB of RAM—that's all pretty standard stuff. But three things other than its draft n Wi-Fi and face/thumb recognition have us interested in the N10. First, it's got HDMI-out. And with its small footprint, one can easily imagine hooking this little laptop up to their TV. Second, it's loaded with high quality Altec Lansing speakers. Third, Asus netbooks are finally dealing with that whole lack of graphics card issue.The $850 fully loaded N10J-B1 will pack an Nvidia GeForce Go 9300M GS 256MB graphics card. That's pretty good for this 3.5lb computer. (We're not sure what's coming in unspecified $750 and $650 configurations.) Users on the go will be able to turn off said discrete graphics to conserve battery life. According to Asus, it make the difference between about 6.5 hours and 4.7 hours of runtime—we're a little skeptical of those big numbers—and it should give us a tiny computer that doesn't act so much like a tiny computer anymore. [BGR]

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Are you listening Apple? They have managed to fit a dedicated graphics card into a laptop that is smaller and lighter than my Macbook (not to mention cheaper), but if I want dedicated graphics and Mac OS I have to spring for a macbook pro and lug around a 15 inch laptop?

I've been thinking this since the 12 inch powerbook was killed off and now I'm gonna say it - there is something missing from you product line!!! If Asus can do it, why can't you?....