Asus to Release 23 Eee Models, Fail Grandma Test 23 Times

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It shouldn't be a surprise, really, as Asus has already whored the Eee brand strength to computer peripherals and even a television, but in a recent presentation the company revealed a sort of USDA computer pyramid prescribing an Eee for every class of buyer. And whether or not the majority of these 23 models are cheap, tiny laptops (unlikely) or the pyramid represents the Eee branding hitting all Asus laptops (a bit more likely), the whole line is looking like a confusing mess to consumers who just heard about the Eee for the first time. [Engadget China via Engadget]


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What ever happened to the idea of doing one (or a few) thing(s) and doing it well? Can anyone think of an example of a business success story where a new company exponentially broadened their product line up in under two years and had a result of success? It's not just computers. Restaurants and the powersports industry upstarts make the same poor moves. Though the auto industry, that invented the idea of marketing multitudes of product options and model year changes, has begun to rethink the strategy. []