Asus's First Gaming Desktop ARES CG6150 Looks Like a Decepticon

Illustration for article titled Asuss First Gaming Desktop ARES CG6150 Looks Like a Decepticon

Alienware's iconic cases might have the X-Files fanboy segment of the gaming desktop market still swooning, but Asus is refreshing it with a little more evil styling for its first gaming PC that looks more like a Decepticon's head. It almost looks like it'll open up and tell you in a booming robot voice how hard you suck when you get your face rocked in UT3.

Roaring inside (quietly thanks to liquid cooling) this beastly is a Core 2 Extreme processor, up to 8GB of DDR3 RAM, three-way NVIDIA SLI, and up to four terabytes of storage, powered by dual power supplies. If you take the frame rate you would get ripping through the original Doom on this thing and multiply it by 20, you should get a number roughly approximating the price. Alienware and Voodoo can consider the gauntlet thrown down and blasted apart into little itty bitty pieces, methinks. [Engadget via Gadget Lab]

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Broken Machine

@multimoog: Oh, I've used a mac, and have a powermac emotional attachment. Believe it or not, it's a thing. I can understand this, because Ive own both PCs and Macs, and use 1 of each now. If one or another was better for everything, I would use that.

But never in an uhhg-lee case like this. Give me the basic balck Lian-Li or Silverstone case for PC, G5 for Apple. No Cathode Ray, no gratuitous LED usage, no built in diagnostic gauges dials, or additional monitors. No fanbay switches.