Asus's Next Gamer Phone May Be Doing Dual Screens in a Delightfully Ridiculous Way

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Asus is no stranger when it comes to putting two displays on a single laptop, but for its next gaming phone, Asus is apparently looking to push some boundaries by putting a small secondary display on the back of the upcoming ROG Phone 5.

Admittedly, the idea of having a bonus display on the back of a phone is kind of silly, but coming from a phone line aimed at gamers where Asus has already added RGB lighting, see-through air vents, and multiple USB-C ports, tacking on a small second display isn’t actually that extreme.

It was only a matter of time until Asus put a second display on the back of the ROG Phone.
Gif: WhyLab via Weibo

In a short video on Weibo spotted by GSMArena, the ROG Phone 5 appears to feature a small dot-matrix-style display positioned diagonally across its back, allowing you to see notifications or create small custom messages that you can see even while the phone is laying on its face. In some ways, it’s the natural progression for a phone series that has been slowly accumulating brighter and brighter RGB lighting over the last three years.

Furthermore, aside from a gimmicky second display, teasers for the ROG Phone 5 released by Asus show a pretty interesting device featuring a nearly bezel-less design, and rumored specs that include a massive 6,000 mAh battery, 65-watt fast charging, and support for 144Hz display. If you’re wondering about the ROG Phone 4 it was most likely skipped over due to the number 4 being considered unlucky throughout Asia.

However, the potential surprise for interested buyers is that while Asus typically launches its new flagship gaming phone sometime in late spring or early summer, this year it looks like the ROG Phone 5 could get announced as early as Q1 2021.


Unfortunately, as we’re still waiting on an official announcement, other info about Asus’s next gaming phone is still thin. But as someone who thought Asus should lean even more into its excessive gamer aesthetic after reviewing the ROG Phone 3, you can bet I’ll be keeping an eye on this next edition.

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Speaking honestly it’s a cool phone, but I’m surprised ASUS has sold enough of them to keep justifying sequels. I’ve never seen one outside of YouTube videos or articles (though I don’t get out much right now haha). For those who have previous models, how do you like them and why choose the ROG phone over a Samsung/LG/OnePlus?