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At Gizmodo Gallery: Charity and Prizes

Illustration for article titled At Gizmodo Gallery: Charity and Prizes

If you're not already on your way to the NOW OPEN Gizmodo Gallery to see all of the amazing gadgets we've brought together, here's another reason to come: sweet prize giveaways.


Here's how it works—donate over $10 or bring a brand new toy for Toys for Tots, and you'll be entered into the drawing for prizes. Want some incentive beyond helping the needy and unfortunate in these financially trying times? How 'bout all this cool stuff?


• Dyson's Han Solo blaster-looking Root 6 hand vac
• Lego, Lego, Lego
• A cornucopia from Logitech: two premium Kinetik laptop cases, two PureFi sound docks, some V550 mice, two pair of ClearChat headsets and more.
• A few Zunes (Obama's secret favorite portable player)
• Xbox 360
• SanDisk Sansa 8GB Fuze, 8GB Clip, 8GB Ultra MicroSD card and more
• Over a dozen pieces of certified excellent geek apparel from Gama-go
• Agent 18 iPod cases, Ten One Design Pogo iPhone stylus and a pink mStation Orb dock
• SmartShopper personal shopping list maker
• Hercules Wii Accessory Pack
• Several beautiful TokyoFlash watches
• A few crazy Thanko USB gadgets
• The lovable Wi-Fi beanbag, Chumby
Wicked Laser to start some forest fires
• TiVo HD
• Gundam Slippers
• Make Magazines
• Bunch of Incase stuff.
• There's even more to come...

Special thanks to all those companies mentioned above for donating products for our fundraiser!!

We'll also publish a gallery of winners later on, so everyone can see how charitable you are. It's for a great cause, unless you hate children. We really hope to see you, even if you are a cheap bastard!


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Toys for Tots is a great organization and I am very proud of our Giz guys for helping out kids.

Santa has many helpers....and not all of them are elves.