Finally, Game of Thrones fans no longer have to worry about when they'll get their very own plastic incarnation of their absolute favourite character from the series to put on their desk with glee. Why of course, I'm talking about this new Joffrey Baratheon figure from Dark Horse!

Like Dark Horse's previous figures, it's more of a statue than an actual 'action' figure, but it's still our first plastic rendition of the former Boy-King of Westeros that we all loved to hate. Rendered in the same 7.5" scale as the rest of Dark Horse's GoT figures, Joffrey is depicted as he appeared in Season 4, moments before he drinks from the poisoned cup at his wedding - so you can relive the delightful moment of his death time and time again.


Or fashion one of your own! Push plastic Joff off a tall bookshelf. 'Accidentally' flush him down the loo. Maybe enact revenge for Ned Stark and see if the figure comes with a removable head. Once you've got one, you'll be able to live out all your Joffrey-torturing dreams - but you'll have to wait a little while longer, as the figure isn't due out till March 2015.

Until then, let's admire how well Dark Horse has managed to capture Joffrey's eminently slappable face, shall we?

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