AT&T 3G Hitting 20Mbps in 2009

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Just in time for the new iPhone's imminent release, AT&T said today that it will upgrade its 3G network to run at speeds over 20 megabits per second in 2009. That's more than five times the current limit of 3.6Mbps, which is already fast, at least compared to EDGE. The company is currently testing its HSDPA 3G network for the upgrade, and says it now runs at 7.2Mbps in the lab. The speed boost will be achieved through a software upgrade and won't require major hardware changes across the network, so we may actually see this happen on time. The question is, when everyone and their mom has the 3G iPhone, will the speed peaks still be that good? If you want to know more about 3G and HSPA, check out Giz Explains: Mobile Terms.[AppleInsider]



phones being bottlenecks or not, I would assume that 20mpbs download-capable equipment would allow some improvement for everyone on 3G. The faster the capibility of the system, the faster each individual user's experience is, technically.

And if their 3.6 or 7.2mbps network only takes a software upgrade to achieve 20mbps, maybe certain flashable devices like the iPhone, SE phones and others will just need a software upgrade as well?

Wow, this is faster than Europe or Japan... Now, if they would only make that jump to offering 3G on 850mhz in my area, I would be set. 1900 isn't going to cut it!