AT&T Bumps U-Verse Top Speed to 10Mbps, Verizon FiOS Chuckles

We'd heard that AT&T's U-verse service was getting a new top tier of 10Mbps downstream, up from 6. It's official now, and still weak and girly (despite the "Internet Max" moniker) compared with Verizon's competing FiOS, which has up 50Mbps packages in some spots. FTTP FTW, guys. [AT&T]



matt buchanan

@Kaiser-Machead: I know! That was totally my first thought.

@yoshi: FTTP is way more expensive to lay, but it's also why Verizon can offer 20/20 symmetrical service of its entire service area. I realize 10Mbps down, 1.5 up is fine for a lot of people, but there is a small but significant demand for broadband on par with Japan and Korea.