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AT&T Can't Sell Its Assets Fast Enough To Take Over T-Mobile

Illustration for article titled ATT Cant Sell Its Assets Fast Enough To Take Over T-Mobile

It sometimes feels like there's no end to the AT&T takeover of T-Mobile. Here's another delay: AT&T can't even shift its assets quickly enough to satisfy the regulators.


Currently, the only way AT&T stands a chance of convincing US regulators that its takeover of T-Mobile is a good idea is to sell a huge chunk of its assets. The theory is that doing so would still provide sufficient competition in the market, as opposed to AT&T controlling the whole damn sector.

Problem is, as the Wall Street Journal reports, AT&T can't shift its assess quickly enough. Apparently talks with potential buyers have gone silent, meaning that AT&T may have to think about other options.


Though the sell-off of their assets might still go ahead, the Wall Street Journal report that AT&T may now consider just a a partial takeover of T-Mobile, or maybe even a joint venture with the Deutsche Telekom-owned carrier.

After being rejected over and over by the FCC, an outright acquisition is looking incredibly unlikely. If AT&T fails to complete the takeover, it faces a $4 billion hit from Deutsche Telekom. At the moment, it looks like it might just have to stomach that loss and think of a new plan. [Wall Street Journal via The Verge]

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I just don't get it at this point. Why would you try to buy a company if you have to pretty much give up what you'd get from the sale in the first place? For some spectrum they easily could have put up without buying T-Mobile? I'm sure originally it was so they could eliminate a competitor, but if they have to give up enough of their assets so other companies can /become/ competitors, didn't they just end up doing nothing? AT&T Y U NO make sense?