AT&T Selling Windows Phone 7 Devices Nov. 8th?

Illustration for article titled AT&T Selling Windows Phone 7 Devices Nov. 8th?

The WSJ reports that you'll be able to get your hands on a Windows Phone 7 device in the US the week of November 8th. That's a month after WP7's official unveiling, and weeks after the rumored European launch.


As for hardware, AT&T will feature offerings from Samsung, LG, and HTC from day one.

Those of you on Verizon and Sprint wondering when your WP7 devices are rolling through are going to have to sit tight; Microsoft's not pursuing a CDMA version of the phone until next year. And those of you on AT&T wondering why—apparently—Europe gets first digs? Well, chalk that up to life's unremitting unfairness, I guess. [WSJ]


I want a wp7 phone. I want the one with the wifis and the bigger geebees.