AT&T Snags Its Own MiFi Personal Wireless Spot

Illustration for article titled AT&T Snags Its Own MiFi Personal Wireless Spot

Those looking to feed AT&T's 3G network into their WiFi-hungry devices are in luck—the carrier will now be offering its own GPS-enabled, SD storage-boosted MiFi portable hotspot, supporting up to five other devices.

AT&T's MiFi will also allow texting through a web interface—though all of this will require a subscription service, of course. The model claims advertised speeds of 7.2 Mbps, but, well—we all know how much our mileage will vary. [AT&T]

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My HTC Evo already does this... and its a phone, not ANOTHER device that I would have to pay for...

I can also tether it <_<

Come on AT&T catch up to the game. Oh wait what do I care... AT&T is the devil carrier now.