AT&T wireless CEO Ralph de la Vega mentioning in an interview on Friday that they'd talked to Google about joining the OHA and are "analyzing the situation" might seem like grist for the rumor mill (and headlines), but it probably isn't news.

Of course AT&T and Google have "talked" about OHA—note the past tense, and that de la Vega hasn't met with Google himself. Also, neither AT&T nor Verizon will publicly shut out joining—via the WSJ there were similar rumors about Verizon "weighing" the option. But there's too much against it happening.


Wilson broke down why Sprint and T-Mobile joined and the two largest carriers didn't. There's also the wildly conflicting interests, which seem to have gotten still more intense this past week. Sure, AT&T could still buddy up. And so could Microsoft. [Mercury News via Broadband Reports]

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