AT&T to Deploy 4G LTE Network in 2011

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LTE is exciting stuff (if you don't know what the heck LTE is, we have an explanation here). AT&T has just inked deals with Alcatel-Lucent and Ericsson, who supply AT&T's 3G equipment, solidifying 2011 as the year of 4G.

AT&T's "field trials" of LTE are promised for later this year—a soft launch that will most likely resemble AT&T's rollout of 7.2Mbps technology—with commercial deployment slated for 2011.


Promising transfer rates of 140-300Mbps, LTE can't come soon enough. Of course, a skeptic might temper their expectations for any grand future of AT&T when the present ain't so hot to begin with. Was that a downer? I'm sorry. That was a downer. [AT&T]

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Anti-Star Super-Christ

OK I have a few questions:

1. Sprint says they already offer 4g. Is this really true? If not, is that false advertising?

2. I thought 4g at this point was really referring to WiMax. Is that true, the same, or a misnomer?

3. Is LTE and 4G the same? I thought they were considered two different technologies.