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Atlanta's Zazie Beetz Will Play Domino In Deadpool 2

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

After months of speculation about the X-Force mercenary’s role in Deadpool 2, we’ve got confirmation of just who will end up bringing Neena Thurman to life in the movie: Atlanta’s Zazie Beetz. And, being Deadpool related, we learned about it in the weirdest way.

In fact, we learned about it really in the only way we ever can learned about Deadpool news: through a silly Ryan Reynolds tweet.


Pretty clever! This is great casting, even if we’re still a little bummed out that the rumor about Janelle Monáe taking the role didn’t pan out.

An expert sniper who first appeared in 1992's X-Force #8, Domino is a mutant with the power of probability alteration, something that usually is subconsciously triggered in moments of stress that telekinetically alters the odds in her favors, while giving her opponents some convenient bad luck. Over the years she’s been a thorn in Deadpool’s side as much as she’s been an ally. But perhaps most important for Deadpool 2 is her long relationship as the confidante and occasional lover of time traveling Summers child Cable—who, of course, is the other bit of casting news we’ve been waiting to hear about forever with this movie.


We’ll bring you more when we learn it, as Deadpool 2 is expected to be out some time early 2018.