It was just the other day that we brought you news of the aTV single step Apple TV flash-drive hack, bringing cool functionality to your Apple TV. But now a notice on Apple Core's website says the device has been discontinued (voluntarily, according to the company) over questions about the fair use of some of the software the gizmo uses to work its magic. At least it looks like people who've stumped up cash for one will be getting their money back— the full statement sheds more light on the matter.

—aTV Flash Unavailable Until Further Notice- Thursday 29 May, 2008

Due to questions arising regarding the fair use of a particular file present on the aTV Flash, and conflicting opinions as to whether or not it falls under the fair use category, we have VOLUNTARILY discontinued offering the aTV Flash at this time.

In our interpretation of the fair use doctrine, our software does not cross any lines, but since this is a grey area issue, we have taken a proactive approach and decided to seek clarifcation directly from the rights holder before we offer the product again.

We are working with them to resolve this, and will have updates posted here as they become available.

Current orders have been canceled and refunded.

Sorry for this inconvenience.

Apple Core, LLC

I guess if you're keen to get an aTV, you'll just have to hope that Apple Core work out the problem and get the product back on sale soon. [Maclife]