Audi Travolution Syncs Car to Traffic Lights (Sadly Not Other Way Around)

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If you drive in cities, you know the game where you guess the exact speed to, say, cruise down Lexington Ave hitting all the green lights in sequence. With Audi's Travolution system—currently piloted in Ingolstadt, German—that game is no longer necessary, because 46 traffic lights report in to the car's computer, and the car tells you the speed you should go to hit all of them when green. There's no evidence to suggest it currently transmits a signal from car to the traffic light, one that could perhaps tell it to turn green when you approach. Audi did leave that open ended, though, saying in its press statement:

The experimental ‘Travolution' system...will not only improve synchronisation and phasing of traffic light networks to reduce stopping times, but could also dramatically reduce the number of actual stops needed by creating a communications link between cars and the traffic light network.

It's still not clear what happens in unexpected traffic, and Travolution definitely doesn't tell you what to do when the grandma in front of you doesn't also happen to have a specially outfitted A5 or A6 Avant. If enough lights are rigged up, though, I'm sure a portable version could be designed so even jalopies could get a shot at winning the sequenced-light game. [Jalopnik]