Augmented Reality Navigation Displays in Your Windshield? Absolutely.

Illustration for article titled Augmented Reality Navigation Displays in Your Windshield? Absolutely.

What if you're driving down a dark road in the middle of the night and you have no idea where you are? Navigating twists and turns would suck. But what if your car could display all the relevant info in front of your eyes?


According to Gizmag, True3D is a technology that wants to put your GPS navigation data right in front of your face, taking even more of the guesswork out of driving in unknown areas. But this isn't just a matter of putting a GPS map in front of your face. This information is blended into the landscape you're driving through. The road guide would have 3D depth, showing you exactly where to drive. Point of interest would have markers above them. And there could even be virtual road signs to go along with the stanadard navigation far (street maps, for example).

A working prototype for True3D exists as a proof-of-concept, but its California-based creators, Making Virtual Solid, are currently working on a way to bring it to market after winning the European Satellite Navigation Competition in Munich, Germany. I need this in my life. [Making Virtual Solid via Gizmag]



If it's this smart about recognizing and labeling the objects ahead, why can't it just freaking drive me home? That's what I really want.