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Autopiloted Teslas Screwing Up Proves Self-Driving Cars Aren't Quite Here Yet

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Hey, Tesla owners: know that bit in the instruction manual where it says the new Autopilot feature will only work on highways, and only under certain conditions? That’s not there just to cover ass, as this compilation of Autopiloted Teslas shitting the bed nicely demonstrates.

The Autopilot feature, recently enabled via firmware update on some Tesla Model S cars, is mighty clever. It’ll steer, match traffic speed or the speed limit, and change lanes if you ask it.


But it’s not a self-driving car! It’s only meant to be enabled on divided roads, and the driver is supposed to stay in control at all times. Otherwise, things like this can happen:

Or this:

Or, indeed, this:

Remember, kids (or grown adults driving around in $100,000 cars): Tesla’s self-driving features are certainly very cool, but fancy radar-guided cruise control does not a self-driving car make. And please keep your hands on the steering wheel, or you might just be testing that five-star safety rating.



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