Avatar Blu-ray Sales Now Total 6.2m

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6.2million people are officially nuts. That's the conclusion I've come to after hearing Avatar's now sold 6.2million Blu-ray copies in the first three weeks since launch—that's a steady climb since the 2.7million sold in the first four days.

6.2million Blu-rays in total, and 13.5million DVD sales. Let's sit on those figures for a while. These are sales from the last three weeks of release, from people who most likely know that the 3D Blu-ray and special edition Blu-ray will be coming out later this year/early next year.


Fair enough, maybe those people couldn't wait to watch it. But why not see it at the cinema? Even if they had already seen it at the cinema, why bother plunking $40 down on a Blu-ray which—and let's be honest—won't be viewed more than once or twice this year.


Just to compare those numbers, Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight racked up 16million sales of both Blu-ray and DVDs together, 3.7million less than James Cameron's Avatar. [Deadline via Blu-ray.com]