Aw Yeah, Apple TV Is Now on Roku

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Roku users are about to get two times the Apple—beginning today.

Roku announced Tuesday that the Apple TV app is immediately available Roku Channel Store for subscribing to channels, streaming more than 100,000 movies and TV shows, and even accessing content Apple users have purchased and saved in their iTunes library. Plus, users will be able to access all of Apple’s forthcoming original content when it launches in Apple TV+ on November 1.


Ruku says Apple TV+ will be available within the Apple TV app at launch, and users will be able to subscribe to the $4.99 monthly subscription service within the Apple TV app on Roku devices. The caveat, however, is that the Apple TV app won’t be available on older Roku models. (Compatible models are listed right here as well as in the table below.) Users can find their device information in the Settings menu by selecting System and then About.

Roku models that support Apple TV.
Roku models that support Apple TV.
Screenshot: Roku

Roku did note that users who purchase an Apple TV+ subscription on their Roku devices will, of course, still be able to stream online as well as on their Apple devices through the TV app. (Don’t forget that anyone who buys a new Apple product gets an Apple TV+ subscription free for a year.)

Apple TV+, the company’s big bet on high-quality streaming, launches in a little over a month with a relatively small roster of content offerings, namely Jason Momoa’s See, a series from Oprah, and the star-studded wildcard The Morning Show, seemingly the platform’s big-ticket item but one for which the plotline has been, uh, elusive at best. But! There’s hope for the platform yet as it continues to build out its roster, and the subscription—which is already cheap as hell—comes with a seven-day trial to take Apple’s original content for a spin.

Plus, there’s an M. Night Shyamalan series on the way featuring a possibly cursed, glassy-eyed baby doll. And from the little we’ve seen of that project, it most definitely looks like it’ll be worth a watch.



Awesome!! - I’m ready to upgrade my streaming device and I was trying to decide between Roku and Apple TV — for a price differential of $80.

I own (license) some TV content from the Apple store but not enough to make it a slam dunk choice (most of the TV content is accessed from an iPad—kid stuff for on the go).

But then -- which one will spy on me less?