Axiotron ModBook Manhandled by Macworld

Now that the iPhone's gotten its chance to bask in the limelight, it's time to zoom in on Macworld's other big announcement—Axiotron's ModBook. The ModBook is a MacBook that's been morphed into a Mac tablet, and the guys at Macworld got some one-on-one time with an early pre-production unit. The first half of the video focuses more on the features of the ModBook, while the second, which we found more interesting, demos some of the ModBook's capabilities, particularly its ability to read your John Hancock. Starting at $2,279, the ModBook is one pricey beast, so unless you really need a tablet with OS X, you may want to consider buying an entry-level MacBook Pro instead.

First Look: ModBook [Macworld]


"Whats with people demanding a keyboard on a tablet?"

Ever use a tablet in a business scenario? such as for inventory, et-al? I do all the time. Sure it's fun to run out on the floor with a symbol gun, flop the tablet around to tablet mode, and do an inventory, but you know what? I work for a public institution, we don't have money pouring out of our ears. thus it's useful to actually flip the screen back around and use the tablet like conventional laptop. with keyboard. especially given the premium we paid for the tablets over conventional laptops.

"They are usually used for very niche applications and not usually for everyday people"

I'd wager, were you to actually poll businesses using tablets, you'd find they aren't used exclusively for niche applications, regardless of what sector they're in (private/public).