Azuro, the First Typeface That's Perfect for Reading on Screens

So says FontShop AG, which has published the four-weight font family after months of intensive testing on all operating systems—even iOS—which is apparently a first for a typeface.

The experts at The Font Feed talk of the difference between Azuro and the other fonts you normally see in your daily travels:

"What differentiates this font family from other high-quality screen typefaces like Arial, Verdana or Lucida Grande is that Azuro has more character. This however is less for aesthetic reasons than for increasing legibility. The letter forms are based on the humanist shapes which serve as skeleton for serif faces, as well as on handwriting when this benefits the distinction between different characters – for example the double-storey ‘g', the cursive ‘k', the long tail on the ‘Q', cap height smaller than ascenders, and so on; see the illustration below."


The OpenType family bundles regular, italic, bold and bold italic together for 199 Euros for desktops, or 149 Euros in .eot and .woff formats, but if you buy before the end of May, you can get both versions for 20 Euros each. [FontShop via The Font Feed]

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