Two of America's Most-Hated Companies Want to Be One Extra-Hated Mess

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There are so many horrible companies in the world that make their profits by stewing in consumer misery. According to a just published list of this year's most hated companies, the worst are unsurprisingly Time Warner Cable and Comcast. Yup, the two giants that want to merge.


The list this year comes to us from the Michigan's American Consumer Satisfaction Index, which surveyed households about a number of brands. Let's let the press release do the honors:

On a list of 230 household brands surveyed, TWC scored 54 out of a possible 100, just behind Time Warner Cable's television service (56), Comcast ISP (57) and United Airlines (60). Wal-Mart was the most unpopular retailer on the list (71). The index scores each company based on more than 70,000 interviews conducted annually, and uses a customer satisfaction score, 10 economic sector scores, 43 industry scores, over 230 company scores, and more than 200 federal or local government service scores.

Let's unpack this quantified hatred with what we already know. At the top we've got Time Warner Cable, which charges outrageous fees, and can't provide reliable service. Then we've got Comcast, which routinely abuses customers as a fundamental business practice. Oh but don't worry, the top three most hated companies in America are trying to merge together, so it's possible that in the near future we'll be blessed with a single mammoth company to hate. That's right, they want to Voltron into Sauron.

And it's worth noting that the other companies listed above are also terrible. Wal-Mart treats its employees like garbage and doesn't care about customers at all. And United Airlines airline. Hurray delays, getting crushed into your seat, and paying extra for a sandwich.

So TWC, Comcast, United, Wal-Mart: 70,000 people just told you that you suck. Get your shit together. [MarketWatch]



People are going to bitch about airlines no matter what. The only airline I don't hear anybody complain about is Virgin America, and they don't fly enough places and are only profitable because of lower oil prices (which both reduces their costs and increases travelers).

As for cable companies, yeah they all blow. AT&T U'verse isn't any better. They get hostile when you try to leave just like Comcast.