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Badass Trucker Nails the Gnarliest Right-Hand Turn You’ve Ever Seen

Those towering wind turbines that are slowly starting to cover countrysides around the world don’t just show up overnight—and they’re definitely not dropped in place by a helicopter. They arrive on trucks in pieces—staggeringly massive pieces—that test the skills of drivers navigating roads not designed to accommodate 200-foot long trailers.


Even with the ability to independently steer the trailer’s rear wheels, watching this trucker maneuver a gigantic wind turbine blade around a sharp 90-degree right turn, and then over a bridge, is a magnificent ballet to behold. I would almost certainly need a couple thousand back and forth attempts to pull this off, and by the time I got to the job site fusion reactors would have long since replaced wind power.

[Vimeo via The Awesomer]

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These things need to be banned until the long term health-effect of living near them can be properly studied and vetted. There’s strong evidence of negative side effects from the constant low frequency pulse of the turbine’s motion. They built one near a friend of mine’s uncles house. His wife suddenly got herpes out of nowhere. Then one year later he was dead, mauled to death by a mountain lion.