Wacom may be best known for their styluses and tablets, but there's also a more whimsical side to the company that comes with their Bamboo line of apps. And the newest release, Bamboo Loop, carries on that tradition with a delightfully creative photo sharing app.


What does it do?

Lets you import your own images, which you can then either use your finger or a stylus to scribble all over to your heart's content. Plus, you can browse different backgrounds, photo shapes, patterns, and (the now practically required) filters. You then get to share your creation over a variety of social media—or for a more personal touch, directly to a friend.

Why do we like it?

Yes, it's nearly impossible to open the app store without at least eight different photo editing programs being thrown at you, but Bamboo Loop benefits greatly from a company that knows what its doing. The app is clean, simple to use, and makes it easy create adorable custom photographs that look like they took far more time and effort than they actually did. The really great thing here, though, is that, when someone sends you a photo, you can create a "loop," endlessly sending a picture back and forth until its barely recognizable. It's a fun little twist on something that's become essentially commonplace.


Bamboo Loop, Download this app for: iOS, Free

The Best: Sending pictures in "Loops"

The Worst: Both friends will need the app to Loop