Bandai's War Machine Toy Comes Complete With Patriotic Action Features

Well, I say that, but it basically means Bandai's latest Age of Ultron Figuarts toy can be posed saluting. There's pictures of this thing swooshing around, firing plastic laser blasts, being a badass — but a shot of a little saluting action figure is easily the best thing about it.

Just as War Machine was late to the Hot Toys party, he's late to the Figuarts party (and yet, before Black Widow and Hawkeye this time) — but aside from tardiness, and his excellent saluting pose, he's very similar to the other figures in the line.


The fully articulated 6" figure comes with a variety of hands to swap in and out, a rotatable shoulder cannon that can be attached to either shoulder, and a variety of plastic FX pieces to simulate the suit in flight, firing off repulsor blasts or unleashing a hail of bullets from the shoulder gun. As ever, he also comes with a stand so you can pose the figure swooping into action.

Let's be real though, the saluting is still the best.

Figuarts War Machine will be available in Japan this October, for 6,624 Yen — around $50.


[via Toyark]

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