Banhammer IV: The Redeadening

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Hey, look, I found the Banhammer under my bed, and it's all dusty and unused. Today I will clean it off by making an example of one Jumpking04, who made two mistakes. His first was writing near-unreadable comments, as excerpted after the jump, and his second was linking to his MySpace page in his commenter profile. Nice dog, Jumpking.

ZOMG thats crazy. I wan2 do that. I would love to do that. WWII Nazis aint got nothing on them XD Dam and i think its dangerous enough walking with 10 dudes through Hunts Point in the Bronx. BRONX and NY FTW lolz. (Dont live @ hunts point) Parkchester area FTW. XD

You'll go blind before you ever see Angelina Joeli's Sex tape o.O

We type like big boys here at Gizmodo. In our attempts to keep the level of discourse relatively high here at the Giz, we sometimes need to weed out illiterates like our friend Jumpking here. You can avoid the painful wrath of the Banhammer by taking a few precious seconds to think before you type and spellcheck before you submit. Don't fall into the same trap as our puppy-loving friend, because we take no pleasure in these public bannings. OK, well, maybe a little bit of pleasure.


Adam: "Ban, ban, ban, ban, ban, eggs, sausage, ban, ban and ban."

Me: "Can I have the eggs and sausage without the ban?"

Adam: "Eeewww!"