Batman 3 might be in 3D after all. Plus a new auteur is a candidate to direct the Superman reboot!

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Joss Whedon says he'd be happy just letting his Avengers actors stand around and talk — but he's not going to forget the action. Tron Legacy reshoots were done to help us understand where the protagonist is coming from. Spoileronimo!


The Avengers:

Joss Whedon is convinced he will still have plenty of time for character moments in the film, and if anything he says he's got to be careful to keep the action going:

"What I will struggle with, in the outline and throughout, is that I would like to put these actors in a room and just make Glengarry Glen Ross. We're talking about really exciting people and at the same time I have to keep the momentum of the thing going. I can't let it turn into a lull fest. Knowing that I have enough time to do both of those things – that by the end of the movie you will feel 'in' with these guys – is the trick. It's not an easy one but one that Marvel absolutely honours. They don't hire Mark Ruffalo [the new Hulk] to say one iconic line and strike a pose. They hire him because he has so much humanity in him. He's the antithesis of the iconic actor. He's so human. He was my first choice to play the part, and the fact he is playing the part is nuts! They went to great lengths to make that happen and they understood exactly why he was right for the part."


Tron Legacy:

Director Joseph Kosinski explains why they went back for reshoots. He says they only take up about six extra minutes in the very first, non-virtual part of the film, and they're just there to sharpen the characters:

"Most of the shooting was done to set up Sam [Flynn] a little bit better and to give him a little more context. A couple scenes were done to bring to the surface some of the themes of the movie and to show the relationship of Sam and his father a little more clearly. Some of it was just picking up visual effects plates and inserts that we just were never able to get when we first shot. All in all, it just amounts to a couple of minutes over a two-hour film, but it's those little details. Being able to go in surgically and touch little things just helped bring the movie to the next level."


Batman 3:

Christopher Nolan, one of the few major holdouts from the recent 3D craze, may not have a choice about shooting the next Batman movie in 3D. One report claims Warner Bros. sources are eager to convert Inception to 3D in time for the debut of HBO's new 3D movie channel in 2011, and it also claims that Warner might not give Nolan the option of shooting in 2D. [Hollywood in Hi Def]


Green Lantern:

Cowriter Greg Berlanti explains who he thinks Hal Jordan is as a character:

The character itself was "Top Gun" before Maverick. He was a guy who had to learn how to care. He shut down early in his life because of something that happened to him, and suddenly he doesn't just have to care about himself, he doesn't just have to care about the planet, he has to care about the entire universe. It was writ so large. The other side of it was that he was always the comic-book version of Luke Skywalker, imagining that you're picked for this group of heroes that's there to defend the entire universe. It always had this great kind of wondrous scope to it, and as a kid who ran around in his Superman Underoos, it was a chance to do a superhero movie that went off planet. When you look at all the superhero characters, Hal Jordan is considered sort of Tier 2, but when you talk about which ones have gone off planet and gone beyond our world, he shoots up to No. 1 for a lot of people and goes to the forefront of everybody's mind.


[Hero Complex]

The Flash:

In another interview, Berlanti says the fact that Barry Allen works as a crime scene investigator lends a grittiness to his story, placing his movie somewhere between Green Lantern and The Dark Knight. He also said they want to honor both the crime and science fiction components of the Flash mythology, and that some of his favorite Flash stories were when he hopped universes and teamed up with Jay Garrick, the Golden Age Flash. He suggested the Flash movies could be used to add in these more fantastical science fiction elements. [Superhero Hype]


Superman Reboot:

A new director has reportedly been added to Christopher Nolan's short list, and it's a big one: Darren Aronofsky, director of The Wrestler and Requiem for a Dream, is now reportedly in contention. He's had his trouble with studio films in the past — his Watchmen and Robocop projects never got off the ground, and The Fountain lost its studio backing (and original stars) due to a series of fiascoes. [The LA Times]


X-Men - First Class:

James McAvoy explains why he feels the relationship between Professor X and Magneto is essentially a positive one, particularly at this early stage in their relationship:

"I think there's a lot of room there for a real connection. By the end of that relationship, there's still a kind of affection for each other. You see that in the stuff that Patrick and [Sir Ian McKellen] did together. There's a lot of love there, strangely, I think."


[MTV Movies Blog]

Alien Prequel:

Longtime Ridley Scott collaborator Arthur Max confirmed he's doing design work on the film, saying he's currently "doodling spaceships" and heading up a small art department at Pinewood studios to get the project going. [Crave Online; thanks to John Sayson for the tip.]


Transformers 3:

Yesterday was the last day of filming in Detroit, and here are some photos. There's also a set report, additional photos, and some videos at the links: [TFLAMB; more here]


Breaking Dawn:

Lost and Taken actress Maggie Grace has reportedly been cast as the vampire Irina, who starts some shit with the Cullens over them supposedly killing her lover. [Deadline]


Superman/Batman - Apocalypse:

Here's a clip from the new DC DVD movie, plus an interview with Superman voice actor Tim Daly:


Here's a new promo: [SpoilerTV]

Here are some promo photos for episode 3, "The Plateau": [SpoilerTV]

And here are some for episode 4, "Do Shapeshifters Dream of Electric Sheep?": [SpoilerTV]



Executive producer Chris Fedak says he hopes to slip in a Firefly joke when the new Greta Summer Glau shares a scene with Adam Baldwin in episode eight. And so we come to the most unlikely question I've ever asked: can Chuck top Castle? [Fancast]


Yvonne Strahovski explains that now that Chuck and Sarah are a couple and Morgan is coming along on missions, it gives her an opportunity to do more comedic material, as well as finally work with Josh Gomez:

"I hadn't had a lot of time with him at all, so it's good to finally be interacting with him. We get to do a lot more this season. It's got that I'm sort of — I feel like now that Chuck and Sarah have become a couple, the vibe has changed a little bit for my character. I'm more part of the comic stuff in a way. I was always the serious anchor of the show pretty much [in the past], but now that we're a couple and I'm more involved with Chuck and his world … I get to play a little bit more. Like the whole sexting thing in [the premiere] - that was fun."




Rumor has it the newly resurrected Samuel Campbell (played by Mitch Pileggi) is not as trustworthy as he seems. [E! Online]


Stargate Universe:

There's a new interview with Robert Carlyle: [Collider] Click to view

Robert Carlyle On Set Interview STARGATE UNIVERSE Season 2 from ColliderVideos on Vimeo.


Star Wars - Clone Wars:

Here's a new clip from Friday's episode:


Keri Lynn Pratt, who plays new Daily Planet reporter (and superhero opponent) Cat Grant, says her character may have a thing for Clark, and that really she just has a knack for getting herself in trouble. She also explains what Lois will think of her when she gets back from Africa:

"I don't think she's thrilled about it. I think Cat just annoys her more than anything. I don't think she's threatening, I think she's just annoying. Cat really believes in what she's working on and her message. She just really wants to get that through and have everyone on the same page as her. She kind of loses track of the big picture."


[TV Guide]

Here's a new clip from "The Shield" that features Cat and reveals that, yeah, Green Arrow is kind of a dick: [OCSK]
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Additional reporting by Mary Ratliff and Charlie Jane Anders.


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