Batman: The Brave And The Bold Premieres Tonight

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The spirit of Bob Haney lives on with tonight's premiere of Batman: The Brave And The Bold on Cartoon Network at 8pm. The new show teams up a happier, gentler Batman than we've seen for awhile with a host of lesser-known DC Comics superheroes, including Green Arrow, Aquaman and Plastic Man, starting tonight with the Blue Beetle. From what we've seen of the show so far, it looks like it's going to be a pitched somewhere between the 1960s Adam West show and the Bruce Timm Justice League Unlimited series - which is to say, exactly the kind of Batman that I've been waiting years to see more of. We'll have a review of the premiere tomorrow for you.



Moff, you just totally ruined it for me. I DVR'd it and am watching it tomorrow morning because of plans tonight. Now I'll totally be expecting that Neutrogena commercial.

Side note. Speaking of funny Justice League dialogue, the funniest Justice League was the one where Lex Luthor and the Flash switch bodies. That was Comedy Gold.

Dr. Polaris: Ahem, are you going to wash your hands?

Lex Luthor: No, 'cause I'm evil.