According to Slashfilm, these are images of the new Batmobile to be featured in Batman v Superman. They seem to match the teaser from director Zack Snyder, but they feel a bit computer generated to me. It may be the low light conditions of the shot, supposedly taken during film in in Detroit.

Here's the original teaser image by Snyder for comparison:


Another image allegedly leaked by Instagram user amacro13:

Slashfilm writes:

These shots are unverified for now, and don't entirely seem to line up with the official tease above — this vehicle seems like it isn't as long, primarily. The fins seen in the "up" position above could be laying down in the pics below, and in general this could be a different mode for the vehicle. This does look quite a lot like the Arkham Knight batmobile, too. As more shots arrive we'll get a better idea.


Yesterday, another Instagram user—mole6674—took this foto from his window showing someone sitting in the cockpit of the Batmobile checking his phone.


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