Battlefield Earth: Because Everyone Needs A Benchmark For Abysmal

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Yes. I'm going there. While considered to be one of the worst movies ever, I maintain that watching Battlefield Earth can be a fun, education experience so long as you pair it with two things: friends and alcohol.


Obviously I'm coming at this from the "so bad, it's good; let's all laugh at someone else's horrifying inadequacy while tacitly patting ourselves on the back for not having failed so miserably in such a public way" angle, but that's not the only way to come at it. If you're interested in the mechanics of how good fiction works, how the seams are sewn, and how the pieces fit together, there's only so much to learn from good examples. Yeah, good movies are actually enjoyable on a level other than the ironic, but the gears are hidden. Battlefield Earth lets you see how the mechanisms of story-telling work by showing you how bad they can fail. Really bad.

Battlefield Earth is streaming on Netflix now, so if you have an account (and who doesn't these days) watching it is basically free. Sure, you have to spend some actual time watching it, and that might not be a worthwhile price to pay on its own, but that's what the friends and the booze are for. Come on. You know you want to. [Netflix]


Eric Limer

Group-mocking Battlefield Earth over cheap beer was one of the best movie watching experiences I have ever had.