Battlestar Galactica with Top Gun music is as perfect as you'd expect

Nick Acosta is a man of many talents - not only have we featured his gorgeous Star Trek Cinerama pictures on the site before, but it turns out he's got a pretty good eye for rescoring, too, as this genius mashup between Battlestar Galactica and Top Gun proves. Get ready for a lot of Danger Zone.

The idea came to Acosta after rewatching Top Gun and wondering how Bear McCreary's soundtrack for BSG would sound with it - as you can see from the last two minutes of the video above, it works surprisingly well. But the real meat of his edit is hearing Harold Faltermeyer's score for the 1986 classic (and of course the requisite amount of Kenny Loggins) layered over scenes from BSG. Here's what Acosta has to say about the similarities between the two:

For my latest project, I recut one of my all time favorite movies to one of my all time favorite TV series. For part one of this film I wanted to show the life of a fighter pilot aboard a carrier at war. Much like a fireman, fighter pilots can be called at any moment and have to spring into action. Starbuck and Maverick are roughly the same character. They are both extraordinarily skilled fighter pilots, but both wild flying against the shadows of their past. Their parents were once in the military and every time Maverick and Starbuck get into the cockpit they are flying against ghosts. They are also super cocky and don't mind throwing a punch or jumping in and out of bed with someone.


Watching the video, it's hard not to agree with how well it works. Now I kinda just want an 80's re-scored BSG to watch.

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Thanks for running my work. This film has been playing in my head for years. Glad I got to share it with everyone - Nick

my other short films are here!…