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Beanbag Dock For Your iPod

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

So the other day the iPod was just chillin' over at her pal Zen's place. They started to partake in some of the chronic and next thing you know, iPod was just relaxing and fell asleep in the Zen's beanbag chair and Zen was all touching her hair and stuff. Then the iPod woke up and was all like "What? Gross!" See, the Zen had one of those MyPodSack Beanbag docks and it just knocked her out while she recharged, you know?

Beanpod is only available in black vinyl right now, but the company wants to make all sorts of groovy colors and fabrics if ya dig what I'm saying. On sale now for $33. Quite amusing if you ask me.

BeanPod lets iPods kick back and relax [iLounge]